March Update

Firstly I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy. Times are crazy right now. Please stay safe and stay inside.

Since my concentration is close to zero at the moment my reading has slacked massively. I have not finished a book in weeks. So this monthly reading update will be a little different. Since I know more people find it hard to concentrate during this crazy times I thought I would share some of my favorite Netflix shows. I hope it can distract you for a bit, brings you some joy hand helps against the boredom of staying inside.


I love this show. Season 3 just came out and it is amazing. This series is about a rich school for the elite. New student enter the school on a scholarship. These are from the poorer part in town. Frictions rises, drama continues and secrets are discovered. All leading up to murder. Who did it and why? If you love drama you will love this show.

Greenhouse academy

Season 4 just came out. This series has short episodes (20 minutes) and not many each season. It is an easy to follow series. So perfect if you just need to relax and keep your mind of everything going on.


I love series that take place in the past. Outlander takes place in Scotland during the war with England. We follow Clair who accidentally went back in time and finds herself in a new adventure. Follow her on her journey in Scotland during that time.


This series takes place in France centuries ago. Political intrigue, love, betrayal. This series has it all and that is why I love it so much.

Lastly I want to praise all the people who are in the front-line fighting this disease. All het nurses, doctors, researcher of a vaccin. We know the risks you are taking and we are so grateful to have you. I also want to give some strength to all the people currently suffering from this illness or who have loved ones suffering. I hope you all get well soon. Please everyone stay safe!

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