2020 reading goals

Happy 2020! I hope you will have an amassing year filled with health, happiness, love, adventures and lots of reading!

I know I have not written on my blog in a long time. I was busy with university and stressed out with life. Now that I feel like life is not out of control anymore I feel ready to continue with this blog.

I have set myself some reading goals this year and want to share them with you. One because I think it will be fun to give updates from time to time. Some goals are topic specific so if you are interested in these topics the updates might give you some great book ideas. The other reason why sharing my goals will be good is that it will give me an extra reason to accomplish them. They always say if you want to accomplish something share it with the world. This way I have another reason to go for it. So here are my goals:

  1. Read at least 50 books. I do not think I need to explain why I picked this goal. I feel like I can hit 50 books at the end of this year with all other things in my life.
  2. Read at least 5 books about World War II. This year marks 75 years of freedom in The Netherlands (where I live). I have already read some famous books about World War II but I feel like history is something we should learn from and reading about it is important. Ideally, I will read more than 5 books about World War II. I want to read more about what happened in Europe but also in Asia. In school we learn so much about the Europe part of the World War but little about the rest. So if anyone has great recommendations let me know in the comments. One book I really think anyone should read about World War II is the diary of Anne Frank. She wrote a diary during the war and this book is exactly how she wrote it so it describes life as a Jewish girl during the war perfectly. Sadly she did not survive the war but becoming a writer was always her dream and her father made it happen after the war.
  3. Read at least 5 books about self-help. I think it is important to grow as a person. I already started the audiobook: Girls, wash your face by Rachel Hollis. I am around 30% and loving it so far.
  4. The TBR and Beyond reading challenge. This is an amazing Facebook group that I joined last year and it is so much fun. Check them out if you want a group where everyone loves to talk about books. It is a great place for recommendations.
  5. Last I want to do the reading challenge that was in the Fairyloot reading planner. I love Fairyloot and am a long time subscriber. So now that the have a reading challenge I have to do it.

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