Spin the dawn review

A review of spin the dawn by Elizabeth Lim

Maia Tamarin is an amazing seamstress who works at her fathers shop. The war leaves her family broken, the family is asked to compete in a sewing contest to become the imperial tailor. Disguised as her brother Maia takes his place to save her family. At the competition she attracts the attention of the court enchanter Edan, who sees past her disguise. Matters become more complicated when Maia is asked to sew three magical gowns which take her on a dangerous quest around the world.

I really enjoyed this book. My favorite part is the whole competition section of the book. I think Maia is a wellrounded character and a very relatable character. She is an ambitious lady in a world not ready for her yet. Still she keeps dreaming and works hard to accomplish her goals. I feel like this is a great mindset and because of this the book flows well.

The quest part of the book is not my favorite. It is done well, I simply am not a fan of quest and long journeys in books. I always feel like you are stuck with the same characters and same interactions for a big part of the book while I like more of a diversity with characters and there interactions. Still I think the journey part of the book is done well.

I love the character relationships in this book. It feels like you know Maia her family life and dynamics even though it is only explained for a little bit. It feels like you know all her brothers and the funny quirks and personality. I also love the whole dynamic between Edan and Maia. The only thing I missed was another main girl character which could be Maia her friend. I always like it when girls have amazing friendships in books and I wished this book had something like that.

I still really enjoyed this book and am excited for the sequel (I believe this will be a duology). I give this book 4/5 stars.

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