Spooky Halloween reads

Halloween is almost there and to get into the spooky vibes of this holiday I made a list of some great spooky reads. I do not read many scary books myself so this list is mostly based on recommendations I got from friends. I put the goodreads summary with every book. Hope you have an... Continue Reading →

Uprooted review

This is a review of Uprooted by Naomi Novik. Every ten years a wizard named the Dragon comes to the valley and takes a girl to come live with him in his tower. The villagers accept this because the Dragon protects them from the dangerous woods around them. When these woods get to you they... Continue Reading →

Spin the dawn review

A review of spin the dawn by Elizabeth Lim Maia Tamarin is an amazing seamstress who works at her fathers shop. The war leaves her family broken, the family is asked to compete in a sewing contest to become the imperial tailor. Disguised as her brother Maia takes his place to save her family. At... Continue Reading →

Romanov review

This is a review of Romanov by Nadine Brandes. Based on the history of Anastasia and the whole Romanov family. This book is set in Bolshevik Russia. After the revolution the Tsar is forced to step down and the whole Romanov family is put in exile. Anastasia her father gives her the responsibility to smuggle... Continue Reading →

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