Royally Romanov Review

Review of Royally Romanov by Teri wilson

After an attack Maxim wakes up with severe injuries and no memories. The only clue to his own life and past he has, is a notebook about the heritage of the Romanov’s with a sentence that says that he is a Romanov. Finley is a curator at the Louvre and has been working on an exhibition about the Romanov’s. The Romanov’s family history has interested her for many years.

In Maxims search for answers he and Finley cross paths. First Finley thinks Maxim is a con artist out to get the Romanov treasures, but maybe him being a Romanov is not as impossible as it seems.

This book is a cute chicklit. The romance between Maxim and Finley is sweet. The book is easy and fun to read. The book is fast paced and a lot happens in a few days. This makes the book a quick read. The romance and the story might be a bit more realistic if the timespan was a bit larger. However the short timespan is not troublesome. The fact that this book is such a quick read makes it ideal for vacations or if you do not feel like committing to a big storyline.

The ending was not my favourite. It was a good ending, but I just hoped for something else.

I give this book 3/5 starts.
If you enjoy chicklits I would recommend you this book. For me it was a great book to read something outside my normal genres. Also since I love the history of the Romanov’s and the Dreamworks movie Anastasia was one of my faves growing up.

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